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Search for your family heroes in military records on Ancestry.co Estimates of casualties of the Vietnam War vary widely. Estimates include both civilian and military deaths in North and South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.. The war persisted from 1955 to 1975 and most of the fighting took place in South Vietnam; accordingly it suffered the most casualties The Vietnam Conflict Extract Data File of the Defense Casualty Analysis System (DCAS) Extract. Civilian deaths in Vietnam war. 195,000-430,000 South Vietnamese civilians died in the war. 50,000-65,000 North Vietnamese civilians died in the war. It was difficult to distinguish between civilians and military personnel on the Viet Cong side since many dressed as civilians

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According to the last update in 2008 from the National Archives, there were 58,220 U.S. military. Vietnam War Casualties (1955-1975) America paid a terrible price for its involvement in the Vietnam War - nearly 60,000 killed-in-action, over 150,000 wounded, and some 1,600 missing. Numbers certainly do not tell the whole story - or all of them - but they certainly paint a picture of lives lost and families devastated There were 1.4 million casualties during the Vietnam War. This number accounts for casualties on both sides of the conflict. Over 2 million soldiers of both sides were wounded in the war but not killed Total deaths in the Vietnam War. The human costs of the long conflict were harsh for all involved. Not until 1995 did Vietnam release its official estimate of war dead: As many as 2 million civilians on both sides and some 1.1 million North Vietnamese and Viet Cong fighters

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Memorial pages honoring Vietnam War casualties, listed by their last names. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. has the names listed in chronological order by date of loss. These alphabetical indexes are for your convenience but do not represent the order of names on the Wall. A The Vietnam War was a long, deadly struggle that took place from 1954 to 1975 between North Vietnam and South Vietnam The U.S. National Archives shows that 58,220 U.S. soldiers perished. North Vietnamese troops launched the Tet Offensive in January 1968, which was successful against South Vietnam and the U.S By nearly every metric, the Vietnam War was, in the common sense of the word, a war. The United States committed some 550,000 troops to the Vietnam front at the height of the conflict, suffered more than 58,000 casualties, and engaged in battle after battle with communist forces in the region until its withdrawal in 1973 U.S. Military Fatal Casualties of the Vietnam War for Home-State-of-Record: California Name Service Rank / Rate Birthdate (YYYYMMDD) Incident or Death Date (YYYYMMDD) Remains Recovered Home of Record: City County ALLENDER FRANK ROSS JR MARINE CORPS LCPL 19460918 VENTURA VENTURA 19670703 Y ALLMAN JONATHAN WAYN Vietnam War casualties from California. Click or Tap on name to find a personal memorial page of a casualty from this state. You can scroll down to see the names of casualties listed under their official city. OR To shorten the name list, enter 2 or more letters of any part of a name in the box below. Tap this upper portion to remove the keypad

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Vietnam War. We have 24 New Jersey Counties listed in our archive. This is useful for viewing the names of Gold Star veterans by localized regions within the state. New Jersey Counties → Atlantic, Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Montgomery, Morris, Ocean, Passaic,. U.S. War Casualties Michigan, Vietnam War : page 1 of 276 - U.S. MILITARY CASUALTIES IN SOUTHEAST ASIA - - DEATHS BY CALENDAR YEAR - - Year of death may either be actual or based on a presumptive finding of death- - (originally declared missing and later declared dead).-AS OF MARCH 31, 1997-Since 1997 93 names have been added to the memorial that are not show in the stats below

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Casualties of War. An atrocity in Vietnam. By Daniel Lan g. October 10, 1969 Save this story In Vietnam, the jurors' petition urging clemency for Clark had been acted upon,. Casualties of War. R | 1h 53min | Action, Crime, Drama | 18 August 1989 (USA) 1:56 | Trailer. 1 VIDEO | 68 IMAGES. Video vi1505558809. This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630) Play trailer with sound 1:56. During the Vietnam War, a soldier finds himself the outsider of his own squad when they unnecessarily kidnap a female villager

The Vietnam War began in 1959-60, as an insurgency of Communist forces in South Vietnam, the Vietcong, against the government of South Vietnam. Although the United States supported the leadership of the South, advising President Ngo Dinh Diem as well as supplying military and financial aid, the scope of American involvement was relatively limited at this point Listen Now. Early in the war US forces had established a garrison at Khe Sanh in Quang Tri province, in the Northern area of South Vietnam. On 21 January 1968 North Vietnamese forces launched an artillery bombardment on the garrison, and so ensued a bloody 77-day siege Vietnam War Casualties. Alan Rohn December 10, 2012 Leave a comment. The Entire Vietnam War Casualty Profiles Legend: KIA = Killed in Action WIA = Wounded in Action MIA = Missing in Action CIA = Captured in Action Notes: United States Armed Forces Casualties According to the last update in. The Coffelt Database of Vietnam War casualties has its roots in an effort begun by Richard Donham Coffelt. A Korean War era soldier and later an attorney in Hays, Kansas, Richard became aware that the government had not made public a central source of information regarding the servicemen and women who died as a result of service in Vietnam

The National Archives and Records Administration prepared these Vietnam War casualty lists by creating extracts from the military casualty data files in the Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Record Group 330). The lists are based on the home of record - state data provided by the serviceman or woman upon last entrance into military service Australian casualties in the Vietnam War, 1962-72 These statistics were sourced from the appendix of On the offensive: the Australian Army in the Vietnam War 1967-1968. For details of the total number of Australians who died during the Vietnam War, 1962- 1975, please refer to Deaths as a result of service with Australian units

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The Vietnam War lasted from 1 November 1955 to 30 April 1975, officially between North Vietnam (North Vietnam) and South Vietnam (South Vietnam). They were beaten off and despite high casualties, both sides declared a victory. It taught the Americans to stick to their superior air power, and the VC to stick to guerrilla warfare. 5 According to the government in Hanoi, 1,100,000 North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong military personnel were killed in the Vietnam War Rummel reviewed the many casualty data sets, and this number is in keeping with his mid-level estimate of 1,011,000 North Vietnamese combat deaths S.Vietnam: 05/02/1932: hostile, killed: Asanoma Francisco M: SGT: Army: Inarajan Village: GU: 30/10/1970: S.Vietnam: 27/11/1946: non-hos.died-other: Benavente David Guerrero: SSGT: Marines: Dededo Village: GU: 23/11/1965: S.Vietnam: 27/11/1935: hostile, killed: Biagini Mark Frederick: SGT: Army: Mangilao: GU: 13/06/1972: S.Vietnam: 14/06/1950: hostile, killed: Blas Anthony Martin M: SP5: Army: Yona: GU: 12/03/197 Vietnam War Casualties. Alan Rohn December 10, 2012 2 Comments. The Entire Vietnam War Casualty Profiles Legend: KIA = Killed in Action WIA = Wounded in Action MIA = Missing in Action CIA = Captured in Action Notes: United States Armed Forces Casualties According to the last update in... Continue reading

soldiers,Vietnam(Hanoi). The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, USA (Washington, D.C.). Two major war memorials commemorating the dead soldiersintheSecondIndochinaWar(aka.theVietnam WarandtheAmericanWar). EstimatesofcasualtiesintheVietnamWarvarywidely. Themostextensivesurveyestimatesdeathsinthewar from1954to1975atbetween1.5and3.6millionpeople Although there was a careful counting of the casualties sustained by foreign armies, there are no reliable statistics on the Vietnamese war losses during the American war.' Numbers from one to three million Vietnam-ese war dead are frequently reported (Lewy 1978: 450; Thayer 1985: 103-104 and 128-129; Turley 1986: 195-197; Associated Press 1995) Archive for the 'Vietnam War Casualties' Category. DAVID'S STOCKING by JULIE KINK SPRAYBERRY. Tuesday, December 20, 2016 @ 12:12 PM posted by Elaine Zimmer Davis. WO1 David Kink, US Army, 1-9th, Troop C. KIA August 3, 1969. He was 19

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7,484 women served in Vietnam, of whom 6,250 or 83.5% were nurses. Peak troop strength in Vietnam was 543,482, on 30 April 1969. Approximately 2,594,000 US Servicemen served in country during the Vietnam War. 1,736,000 were US Arm Vietnam War Casualties. State of Utah Vietnam War Casualties. U.S. Military Personnel Who Died as a result of the Vietnam War, 1957-1995 (Including Missing and Captured Declared Dead) **BNR indicates that the body has not been recovered. Source: [Southeast Asia] Combat Area Casualties Current File (CACCF), as of November 1997 (electronic record) The Americans launched their assault near the border with North Vietnam using helicopters, tanks, and naval ships. Fighting ended on August 24 with a US victory after killing 614 VC, while the Americans lost 45. North Vietnam claimed that it had won, however, since they kept the US forces out of their territory. 4

Vietnam War casualties.. A war casualty is a military person who is killed, wounded, imprisoned, or missing as a result of war; or a non-military person killed or wounded (civilian casualties).The term casualty is sometimes confused with the term fatality (death) NAVY. Killed in Action. 40,934. 27,047. 1,080. 11,501. 1,306. Died of Wounds. 5,299

Officer casualties in Vietnam, including warrant officers, numbered 7,874, or 13.5 percent of all casualties. The Army lost the greatest number of officers - 4,635 or 59 percent of all officer casualties. Ninety-one percent of these Army officers were warrant officers, second lieutenants, first lieutenants or captains As of April 14, 2017, there are 1,611 Americans still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War across Vietnam (1,258), Laos(297), Cambodia(49), and China(7). Vietnam Combat Area Casualty File The Statistics in the Combat Area Casualty File (CACF 11/93) show an average age of death much higher than that of news reports A Vietnamese woman weeps over the body of her husband, one of the Vietnames Army casualties suffered in the war with... - NARA - 542295.tif 3,000 × 2,390; 6.84 MB At 5-55 p.m. on December 24, 1964, Viet Cong terrorists exploded a bomb in the garage area underneath the Brinks.. According to official United States government statistics, 1,857,304 men were drafted through the Selective Service during the Vietnam War (specifically between August 1964 and February 1973.

Casualties in Russia during 1918 are also included with World War I totals. Casualties in Cambodia in 1968 to 1975, as well as those in Vietnam in 1975 are also included with Vietnam War totals... NVA casualties were more than 200. The base was officially closed on July 5. Marines stayed in the area, conducting operations to recover the bodies of Marines killed previously. On July 10, Pfc Robert Hernandez of Company A, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, was manning an M-60 machine gun position when it took a direct hit from NVA mortars Nixon took office in January 1969 at what turned out to be approximately the midpoint of the American war. If half of the total casualties in Vietnam occurred after Nixon took office, the toll..

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Moreover, the South Vietnamese people rejected the North's call to rebellion. U.S. and South Vietnamese casualties numbered 12,727, including more than 2,600 fatalities Vietnam History Vietnam War Photos Us History North Vietnamese Army Patton Tank Mountainous Terrain My War Historical Pictures War Machine The Jungle War - April 24-May 11, 1967 - Hill fights rage at Khe Sanh between U.S. 3rd Marines and the North Vietnamese Army resulting in 940 NVA killed. American losses are 155 killed and 425 wounded Kansas Casualties in the Vietnam War, 1961-1975. Names of 627 Kansans killed during the Vietnam War, from the files of the Department of Defense. An earlier, printed version is in the KSHS research collections: U.S. Department of Defense. List of Casualties Incurred by U.S. Military Personnel in Connection with the Conflict in Vietnam. American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics Congressional Research Service 3 Casualties War or Conflict Branch of Service Number Serving Total Deaths Battle Deaths Other Deaths Wounds Not Mortala Care: 37,202 Air Force 1,740,000 2,586 1,745 841 Hosp. Care Req'd: 931 No Hospital Care: 2,518 Persian Gulf War Biden said there have been more coronavirus deaths than there have been in World I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and on 9/11. The accuracy of his statement depends on how the numbers are examined. There were more than 116,000 US military casualties during World War I and more than 400,000 American deaths during World War II

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  1. Allied Casualties: US 3895 KIA, ARVN 4954 KIA, other allies 214 KIA, civilians 14300 killed the Tet Offensive is accepted as the turning point of the Vietnam War. The media is largely credited, in both positive and negative lights, for their portrayal of the battles of Tet
  2. This index consists of two files, the Combat Area Casualities Current File, 6/8/1956-1/21/1998 and the Combat Area Casualties Returned Alive File, 5/1/1962-3/22/1979 to Vietnam War dead, missing and prisoners of war occurring in Cambodia, China, Laos, North Vietnam, South Vietnam, and Thailand. The files were acquired from the National Archives Access to Archival Databases (AAD)
  3. This initial conflict, the First Indochina War, proved not only destructive but laid the groundwork for the Vietnam War that began in the 1960s. Estimated casualties during the First Indochina War.
  4. Vietnam War Casualties. Posted on January 10, 2013 by wcihs December 12, 2013. The following is a list of Marion citizens who gave their lives in defense of this country in the Vietnam War (1961-1972): William Kuykendall. Dale Dennis Lingle. David Richard Merrell. Jack D. Newlin. Douglas Pierce
  5. Key Point: Beijing and Hanoi released wildly contradictory claims regarding the casualties in the war.External studies estimate around 26,000 PLA killed in action and around 30 to 35,000 Vietnamese troops. At 5 AM on February 17, 1979, a massive artillery bombardment rippled across Vietnam's mountainous northern border with China
  6. Due to its proximity to Thailand, Vietnam's conflicts were closely monitored by Bangkok. Thai involvement did not become official until the total involvement of the United States in support of South Vietnam in 1963. The Thai government then allowed the United States Air Force in Thailand to use its air and naval bases. At the height of the war, almost 50,000 American military personnel were.
  7. Please add the profiles of individuals of who died during the Vietnam War, (aka. Second Indochina War). It is estimated that somewhere between 1.3 million to 4.2 million people were killed during the war. Sources. Vietnam War US Military Casualties - archives.gov; The Vietnam Veterans Memoria

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  1. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall USA website is dedicated to honoring those who died in the Vietnam War. The Wall USA is a non-profit endeavor maintained by veterans of the 4th Battalion 9th Infantry Regiment for the benefit of all. To learn about us and how you can help maintain this site
  2. g
  3. The spring of 1969 saw some of the bloodiest weeks of the Vietnam War. There had already been about 37,000 Americans killed, with another 21,000 still to go
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Download Names of Vietnam war casualties on Vietnam War Veterans Memorial - stock editorial photography #5689105 from Depositphotos' collection of millions of premium high-resolution stock photos, vector images and illustrations Home > Conflict Casualties > Vietnam War Vietnam War After eight years of warfare between the French and the communist-led Viet Minh, the 1954 Geneva Agreements ended France's colonial rule and partitioned Vietnam into a communist-controlled North and a non-communist South backed by the United States

The Vietnam War, like the Great War, World War II, and Korean War before it, had a significant impact on the Philadelphia region. During the height of open American involvement in the war from 1965 to 1968, thousands from the area were drafted or volunteered for the armed forces, and hundreds lost their lives A Vietnam War Story book sites books war casualties downed helicopter crews cherry soldier combat Combat Infantry destroyed helicopters in Vietnam digital books firefights Grunts helicopter units in Vietnam Ia Drang Valley jungle warfare LZ Albany LZ X-Ray Military novels POW The vietnam war Veteran Vietnam blog pages Vietnam book Vietnam.

U.S. MILITARY FATAL CASUALTIES OF THE VIETNAM WAR FOR HOME-STATE-OF-RECORD: MASSACHUSETTS Prepared by the National Archives and Records Administration From the Defense Casualty Analysis System (DCAS) File Vietnam War Casualty Statistics Data Total number of U.S. soldiers / personnel deployed to South Vietnam 2,594,000 Total number of U.S. casualties in the Vietnam War 58,220 Total number of.

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NON-HOSTILE CASUALTIES IN THESE KINDS OF WARS FROM THE KOREAN WAR TO OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM by . HUGH HENRY (Under the Direction of Emerson Thomas McMullen) ABSTRACT This thesis provides a detailed study of the non-hostile deaths of the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. This documen Oneida County Vietnam War Casualties. 131 likes. VISIT OUR WEBSITE:www.camdencycleriders.co Casualties and Injuries as a Result of the Vietnam War The Vietnam War was one of the bloodiest and most traumatic wars in the history of the world. The deaths and injuries inflicted by it are a monument to the horrors of war, and what simple disagreements can do to tear apart the world Vietnam War Casualties 1956-1998. Vietnam War Casualties record set contains 58,192 additional names of service people who lost their lives while serving overseas. This includes US military officers and soldiers who died as a result of either a hostile or non-hostile occurrence, or who were missing in action or prisoners of war during the Vietnam War

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  1. America's allies in the Vietnam War (Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and others) sustained casualties in proporation to their troop strength in Southeast Asia. The greatest casualties of any U.S. ally were suffered by the South Vietnamese forces -- between 1960 and 1975, the war cost the South Vietnamese military 275,000 combat deaths
  2. This initial conflict, the First Indochina War, proved not only destructive but laid the groundwork for the Vietnam War that began in the 1960s. Estimated casualties during the First Indochina War.
  3. Vietnam War Latino Casualties 1963 -1973 This list of casualties has been compiled from military records, historical documentaion, or personal accounts. Omissions or errors are possible. The identification of these soldiers is based on the accuracy and corroboration of these records. Spelling of names reflect what has officially been recorded

New Jersey Casualties of the Vietnam War Statistics. COUNTY. Atlantic Bergen Burlington Camden Cape May, Cumberland Essex Gloucester Hudson Hunterdon Mercer Middlesex Monmouth Morris Ocean, Passaic Salem Somerset Sussex, Union, Warren TOTALS. ARMY. 36 120 60 53 10 17 127 25 93 11 36 63 60 39 20 52 12 22 19 3 20 968 Vietnam, and they clearly vary significantly (Nincic and Nincic 1995).2 In World War II, after the initial attack on Pearl Harbor, U.S. combat casualties accumulated slowly, and the marginal casualty figures did not grow dramatically until mid-1944, when th A Brief History of the Vietnam War: Combatants, Casualties and Aftermath. The Vietnam War was a 19-year conflict involving Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Other allies later joined the war. It was fought from early November 1955 to the end of April 1975

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The Johnson administration was no longer capable of convincing anybody that Vietnam War was a major defeat for the communists. 1968 became the deadliest year of the war for US forces with 16,592 soldiers killed. On February 23 the U.S. Selective Service System announced a new draft call for 48,000 men, the second largest of the war Shop for vietnam war casualties art from the world's greatest living artists. All vietnam war casualties artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose your favorite vietnam war casualties designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more Vietnam and U.S. Society. By 1975, Vietnam was off the Gallup Poll list of top issues in the United States. Aside from concern for remaining U.S. prisoners of war (POWs)still in Vietnam, Americans became less and less concerned with events within the country. Nonetheless, the war had lasting effects Since the war's end in 1975, Burrows' pictures have been revered for their explicit depictions of both the humanity and the inhumanity of Vietnam as well as a brutal reminder of the true cost of war. Here are some of the most powerful pictures taken by Larry Burrows during his coverage of the Vietnam War United States Casualties of the Vietnam War; Name John David Smith Event Type Military Service Event Date 11 Aug 1966 Event Place Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) Cause of Death Gunshot or Small Arms Fire Casualty Type Note Hostile - Died of Wounds Military Service Branc

Vietnam War Battalions, Brigades, Corps, Divisions, Organizations, Units. Vietnam War The 199th sustained more than 3,200 casualties during its stay in South Vietnam. Seabees Naval construction units, known as Seabees, were active in the Vietnam conflict from the very beginning of the American presence there Genealogy Trails Vietnam War Casualties from St. Louis County, Minnesota. Northland Vietnam Veterans Association: Duluth POW MIA. All Wars: Minnesota - Gold Star Casualties of War During World War II and the Korean War this index was maintained as a card file by Reference staff at the library, and the Vietnam War entries were made in 2016 and 2017

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The vietnam war Pictures That Moved Them Most While the Vietnam War raged — roughly two decades' worth of bloody and world-changing years — compelling images made their way out of the combat. At the end of the Vietnam War six Australian servicemen were still listed as Missing in Action. Between 2007 and 2009 Unrecovered War Casualties - Army successfully recovered four Soldiers and two Airmen. The remains were repatriated to Australia and laid to rest by their families, there are now no Australian Servicemen missing in Vietnam The table below has information about the total number of service members, battle deaths, and non-mortal woundings in wars from 1775 to 2017; such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I and II, Vietnam, and more ONEIDA COUNTY VIETNAM WAR CASUALTIES 1. POW/MIA US Army SPC Philip Bradford Terrill, New Hartford 2. US Army SGT Gregory Lee White - Alder Creek 3. US Navy EO3 Donald Francis Horn - Barneveld 4. US Marine Corp PFC Kevin Lynn Forbes - Blossvale 5. US Army SPC George Robert Denslow - Boonville 6. US Army SGT William John Winters. Vietnam War Casualties By Race . Vietnam War Casualties By Unit . Vietnam War Casualties By Country . Vietnam War Casualties By State . Vietnam War Casualties By City . Vietnam War Casualties From Nj . Vietnam War Casualties From Ohio . Vietnam War Casualties From Alabam

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  1. This is not actually how the Vietnam War went - at all. In Vietnam, much of the fighting was also done in the cities and in defense of those firebases. There were even often pitched battles featuring tanks and artillery. In fact, the 1972 Easter Offensive was the largest land movement since the Chinese entered the Korean War, and featured a.
  2. WASH DC -JULY 14: Names of Vietnam war casualties on Vietnam War Veterans Memorial on July 14,2010 in Washington DC, USA. Names in chronological order,from first casualty in 1959 to last in 1975
  3. Vietnam War Deaths, by Country in SouthEast Asi
  4. Vietnam War Deaths, by US States of the Unio
  5. Combat Area Casualties Dataset Duke University Librarie
  6. U.S. War Casualties New Jersey, Vietnam War : page 1 of 15
  7. U.S. War Casualties Michigan, Vietnam War : page 1 of 27
Vietnam 1966-67 | An M113 armored personnel carrier (APCFrom the archives: Thanksgiving in Vietnam, 1967 - VietnamWhen the press and public turned skeptical on war'sIwakuni's 'Mama-san' becomes Honorary Marine - MarineThanksgiving guest of honor in Vietnam, 1967 - Archive
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